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Remote Access Tools

Globalization has occurred not only in terms of production and businesses, but also in terms of data and where it is stored. Data held on remote computers was at one time only available through terminal based applications like telnet or file transfer applications like ftp. And these too were usually not very secure. Today there are many products and services that allow fast and secure remote access to network PCs using dial up access or the Internet. These products and services can be extremely useful to teleworkers who need this remote access while working from home or on the road.

Remote Access software tools can be of great help for teleworkers/telecommuters, sales persons, reps and management who are often travelling, system administrators, helpdesk personnel or anyone wishing to access remote machines. Our recommended products after the remote access software review include LapLink Gold Host/Remote and GoToMyPC.

Laplink Gold Review

LapLink Gold Laplink Gold Review
This is an easy-to-use remote control for your PC that allows you to access a PC and transfer your files from virtually anywhere. Laplink Gold lets you remotely control the computers, execute PC-PC file transfers, synchronize data between PCs, and operate, maintain and reboot PCs or servers remotely. Laplink Gold also allows you to directly connect via serial, parallel, or USB cable and can be very handy in migrating data from an old PC to a new PC. It also utilizes multi-level encryption to protect data transmissions. This package runs around $87.99 and is compatible with Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP.

GoToMyPC Review

GoToMyPC Gotomypc review
PC Magazine calls it "revolutionary" and The New York Times calls it "ingenious" - Expercity's GoToMyPC allows you to remotely access your computer from any other Internet-connected computer in the world with almost any operating system through a secure, private connection. existing firewall and Internet infrastructure. You do not have to change or open ports, configure IP addresses or deploy any hardware or software, and you can use your existing Internet connection. Security is ensured by an SSL equipped website, 128-bit end to end AES encryption of the data stream and chat as well as keyboard and mouse input. It can be used by many different types of users. Teleworkers can work on their office PC from home, easily and securely, with just an Internet connection. Sales people or those who travel can access and use their PC and files from hotels, airports, Internet cafes anywhere with Web access. Systems administrators can remotely access and manage multiple PCs from anywhere. There is a free 30 day trial available and cost for this service runs at $14.95/month based on the yearly plan.

pcAnywhere 11.0 Host & Remote Review

pcAnywhere 12.0 Host & Remote
Once the king of remote access software, over the years this product offering from Symmantec has gotten a reputation of being a slow and bloated piece of software. Version 11.0 should fix some issues with 10.5 that caused problems with certain Windows 2000 and XP installs. It comes packed with just about every remote access feature one could ask for - client and host software, file transfer/syncing, drag and drop, chat, an intuitive interface, the security of encryption and functions over standard modems, ISDN lines, TCP/IP and SPX networks, cable, DSL, and infrared connections. It is priced quite high at $189.99 but can be had for as low as $89.99 if eligible for the special discount offer.