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Telecommuting: Convincing the Boss!
Your current employer is a good place to look for a home job. Telecommuting is without a doubt one of the most satisfying ways to perform a job. Research consistently points to increased job satisfaction and productivity among telecommuters, and employers are seeing reduced real estate costs and lower employee turnover....[ Telecommuting: Convincing the Boss]

Egads, a Telecommute Success Tale  (Wired)
Four years ago, when pharmacist Donna Zarzuela's physician husband, Jose, landed a post in Baltimore, she assumed she'd have to resign her position at Zeneca Pharmaceutical in Wilmington, Del. She had been commuting 230 miles a day round-trip to Wilmington from Ellicott City, Md., and now her employer was moving to Frazier, Pa., and the lengthier drive would have been just too much time behind the wheel....[ Telecommute Success Tale]

Telecommuting Seen as Possible Boon to Economy  (ComputerWorld)
In an effort to improve sluggish broadband adoption nationally, high-tech firms want companies to let workers telework or telecommute as a way to improve productivity, reduce costs and encourage baby boomer employees nearing retirement to remain in the workforce....[ Telecommuting Seen as Possible Boon to Economy]

New Telecommuters Face Challenges  (PC World)
While many are thriving, enjoying a respite from long commutes and in-office distractions, many others struggle to do their jobs effectively in an environment they would have never chosen voluntarily. Some are concerned that as the months wear on, the negative experiences of mandatory teleworkers could result in a broader backlash....[ New Telecommuters Face Challenges]

Coping With The Need For Social Interaction
The concept of staying at home to work has an immediate appeal to prospective teleworkers, as visions of hassle- free, dressed-down, low-interruption workdays come to mind. But many find the realities of telecommuting a bit less satisfying....[Coping With The Need For Social Interaction]

The Telecommute Tightrope
For many of us, telecommuting seems like the ideal situation. You wake up, shuffle over to your home office, work at your own pace. You take a break when it suits you, you end your day when you’re ready to. You can rearrange your work schedule to fit around your personal life. Or can you?...[The Telecommute Tightrope]

Remote Control  (
As the IS director at a small, fast-moving consultancy, Matt Pardo executes the usual daily tasks required to manage technology workers in the 21st century. But looking over the tops of cubicles isn't one of them. Seventy-five percent of Pardo's direct reports work somewhere other than he does, and even he isn't in what he calls his "office office" every day....[Remote Control]

Teleworking  (The Village)
There are many definitions of teleworking and therefore, much confusion as to what teleworking really is. The 1999 Report of the National Advisory Council on Teleworking (NACT) defines teleworking as "a way of working using information and communication technologies in which work is carried out independent of location". In other words, teleworking can currently and most simply be perceived as using a computer, modem and telephone line to send work from place A to place B, rather than the worker going to place B to do the work....[ Teleworking]

Telecommuting -- a security threat?  (ZDNet)
It is the worst nightmare of every network administrator: A single employee, working from home, inadvertently opens a gaping hole in the corporate computer system — big enough for a hacker to get deep inside and view valuable trade secrets....[Telecommuting - a security threat?]

Telecommuting: Security Policies and Procedures for the "Work-From-Anywhere" Workforce  (SANS) As today’s business environment becomes ever more global, companies are faced with an increasing number of non- traditional work schedules. Whether it be a consultant who maintains a home office, or a "road warrior" who gets most of his work done in airports and hotel rooms, employers are recognizing the need for employees to stay connected to the office at all times of day and from all locations. In response to this need, businesses are becoming more interested in telecommuting, which gives employees the flexibility they demand while keeping productivity high....[ Telecommuting: Security Policies and Procedures]

Why Telework?  (
The initial lure of telecommuting proved irresistible for many companies: employees tied into the office by technological tethers, able to work from homes, airports, cars or hotels with a few tinny bleeps from a modem. Happier employees and lower overhead were bound to follow, or so the logic went. But in the years since laptops became vogue and employees became "empowered," the promise of telecommuting has become a bit tarnished. Many companies have launched telecommuting programs that now can only be called dismal failures. The culprits? Poor technology planning, unrealistic expectations, culture shock and lack of trust.....[Why Telework?]

How The Use of Your Computer May Cause You Serious Injury
With the increased use of computers in both homes and businesses, you and I are in an exceedingly vulnerable position. According to statistics, 50% of U.S. households use the internet, while 23 million adults use a computer everyday. In addition, 89% of teens use computers frequently during the week and over 50% of children use computers in their classrooms.....[How The Use of Your Computer May Cause You Serious Injury]

The Other Face of Telecommuting
Telecommuting is a big thing these days: no more commuting nightmares, more time with the kids, more time for yourself, flexible hours, and increased productivity are just some of the reasons why more and more people are looking for opportunities to work from home.....[The Other Face of Telecommuting]

Tips To Organize Your Home Office
You search your desk frantically for an important file. An email you printed only moments earlier is lost under stacks of overflowing files. The telephone is ringing, but you can't reach it because you are at your fax machine retrieving papers across the room.....[Tips To Organize Your Home Office]