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Teleworker Tools

Teleworkers are a unique breed of computer users. They usually have requirements unlike those of most people who use computers for research or as a hobby. A person working from home depends on their computer system - more importantly their livelihood depends on it and having the right hardware and software is extremely important.

Personal firewalls are essential tools for everyday users but they are especially important for teleworkers who might have important data on their computers. Apart from software firewalls that you install on individual computers, firewall routers can also be used to protect computers. These routers also have a dual usage, in allowing multiple computers to access a broadband cable/dsl connection and perform networking functions.

Yet another important aspect of protection is a good anti-virus software. Every year thousands of new viruses are released. Many are harmless or just a nuisance but a large number are extrememly destructive. It is therefore essential to have a good anti-virus software package and to update the virus signatures on a regular basis.

Teleworkers must also be especially aware of their privacy when using the Internet. In many cases company computers are used by to access work from home. It is therefore very important to maintain a 'clean' computer that might be used by other members of the family but has to conform to corporate computing guidelines. Fortunately there are some online privacy software packages that allow you keep your computer clean of cookies, cache, malicious scripts and other tracking software.

Teleworkers are often required to access computer systems remotely - be it to do their regular jobs or in cases of emergencies. These packages are often essential for support personnel, network and system administrators. They also provide a novel way for small businesses or individuals to securely access their computers from a remote location. Once only in the realm of large companies, Remote Access software has come a long way in terms of increased functionality and lower prices.