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Dial Up Internet Access

Analog modem dialup access to computer networks is still how is a very cost effective and popular way of getting online. As a matter of fact, a vast majority of people across the world access the Internet and data networks using this technology. But it might not be sufficient for the full time telecommuter who must use bandwidth hungry applications, but it works for those who travel or have lower bandwidth requirements.

Modems connected to the public telephone network provide a relatively inexpensive way to obtain low-speed data services. The modems are inexpensive, the local telephone rates are very reasonable (if not flat fee) and service providers are abundant. Most corporations either have in-house dedicated Remote Access solutions or rely on an out-sourced plan for their employees from one of many service providers.

For the business traveller, dial services allow for a standard way to access remote networks no matter where in the world you are. Mobile executives, field technicians, sales people and other need to gain secure access to their corporate network and email from virtually anywhere in the world. Usually the only requirements are the right phone connector and a local service provider or toll/toll free number. Large ISPs like Worldcom, Sprint, AT&T, Cable and Wireless along with resellers like IPass and GRIC provide remote access services around the world for corporate and individual clients.

For small businesses and individuals, dial-up service providers offering good service and national roaming points of presence (POPs) include MSN, NetZero, and Juno - all cheaper than AOL!

The one problem most households and many small business have with modem dial up is that it uses up the phone line. One could miss important calls since the line is always busy - but an ingenius service has a fix and it is free. The Internet Answering Machine is available now throughout the United States, and works with your existing dial-up ISP or AOL service. You can subscribe to this service for free and never miss another important phone call again.