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The Secret of Making Money on the Web

Tony Murtagh

So, you really want to know the secret formula of how to make some money out of a home business on the Web? Well, that formula is J.F.D.I.

J ust
F laming
D o
I t

Simple! No, I am not being flippant - that really is the secret formula to success! - please read on for the full explanation. How long have you been surfing around looking for the "right" opportunity? How many people do you know who have said "One day, I will be a millionaire - when I am lucky enough to find the right deal"?

The main difference between those who DO, and those who just think about it, is just that - they DO, the rest of the population merely thinks about doing!

The well known American author, Sinclair Lewis was touring the Universities and Colleges in the Mid West, lecturing on the Art of Creative Writing. At the start of his lecture, he would say to the packed lecture theatre, "How many of you would like to be great writers?"

Invariably all the eager students would raise their hands, and Lewis would retort, "Well why are you not at home writing?" The point he was making was that in order to write a great novel, one had to possess the self discipline to actually sit down and write! Without that, it did not matter how many lectures they attended or books on How to Write a Novel they read, the main thing was to begin writing.

Exactly the same is true of running a profitable business on the Web (or anywhere else). All Lewis's students needed to write was a pen, paper and an ample supply of ideas - and a determination to write. All YOU need is a PC, some ideas and the same determination to succeed. A few dollars/pounds/escudos will help, but the beauty of the Web is that you can start out and, at least in the early days, you need spend next to nothing. Many of the programmes I will introduce you to are totally free and on the others you can usually start off without committing any cash, only signing up when you are confident of the service offered and your ability to promote it.

You can be taught how to set up a successful business, how to make money from someone else's idea, how to set it up, how to market it, how to advertise, even how to keep your accounts and keep the tax man happy, but however much you learn, you will never make any money unless you:- J. F. D. I !!!!

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