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Remote Access Communications

Research has shown that employee satisfaction and productivity increase dramatically as a result of working from home. The former seems intuitive; one is able to work at home in a private environment without the stresses of the workplace and close to family and friends. Productivity increases stem not only from the time one saves by avoiding the daily commute, but it also gets a boost from the increased job satisfaction. So not only are you happy, but you are efficient - getting more done in the same time, while doing the other things in life you would not want to miss. All this by being able to work from home or telework.

Recent surveys have found that over 40% of workers would like have careers which allow them to spend a significant amount of their work hours, working from home. Almost 80% of companies believe that telecommuting is more efficient than simply working from an office environment. But the problems creep in when it comes time to manage these employees. Most companies think they are doing a good job, but employees generally disagree. So what are some of the biggest concern of the employees? Apart from the usual complaints about forwarded mail, getting faxes, etc - it usually boils down to technical computing problems. Either not having the necessary resources to succesffuly work at home or simply not being trained in them. People often wonder if there is any computer hardware or software that can make their lives easier. More than half believe that they could do more with better communication and computer equipment. So even though companies are spending billions on Teleworkers who are increasing productivity by leaps and bounds, there is a LOT more that can be accomplished by using the right telecom and computer resources.

As traffic congestion and the ever longer commute frustrates road weary workers and companies search for new ways to keep their employees satisfied, organizations have warmed up to the idea converting more employees to teleworkers. Digital technology makes it possible to have an office almost anywhere and teleworking advocates tout the gains in productivity from making the switch.

Every year, thousands of full time employees make the transition to become work at home moms or work at home dads. This website is designed for those who want to know how to telecommute, are preparing for a telecommuting job or are seasoned veterans of the trade and already work from home. You will find information regarding the different remote access techologies that can enable you to work at home or while you are on the road (in a hotel, at a customer site, out in the field, on vacation, travelling, etc). We'll also highlight the essential hardware and software tools you cannot do without, delve into the issues surrounding security, explore the very lucrative opportunities of starting your own business from home and provide you with links to other resources that cater to teleworkers or the self employed. Please look through the rest of this site and forward it to others who work at home. We strive to provide you with helpful information on these important topics.